Jessica Meyer (Technician)

Before my technician position in the Plant Cell Biology group of Christa Testerink, I worked on two projects for my Bsc. In one study project, a biochemistry project, I did research on a potential Biomarker for the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease. For my thesis project, a molecular biology project, I studied the regulation of the cell cycle in yeast. After these studies I wanted to gain experience in a new topic and techniques. This is how I started in the group of Christa Testerink at that time still based at UvA, working in plant science, which was definitely new for me. In 2018 our group moved to Wageningen University and I was fortunate to join. My current work mainly involves molecular cell biology, genetics and biochemistry. Mostly our group is interested in how plants adapt to abiotic stresses such as salt or phosphate starvation. By looking at the Root System Architecture (RSA) of Arabidopsis, we aim to understand more about how lateral or main roots develop under abiotic stress conditions. From there we could further investigate the molecular and cellular mechanism in responding to these stress conditions. Besides for the model plant Arabidopsis, we are also interested in understanding how the regulatory mechanism works for crops facing abiotic stress to contribute to crop breeding.