Rumyana Karlova

Assistant professor- WUR, Laboratory of Plant Physiology

Research focus: Stress resilience in Crops

I started working as an Assistant Professor in the Plant Physiology laboratory from 1st of April 2020.

Research Group: stress resilience in Crops

please see Crop stress resilience/

Research projects:

2019, “NWO ERA-NET SusCrop grant, “Resilience to salinity in tomato”. Co- applicant. Co-coordinator.

2019, “ WUR- Protein Transition Community Fund”. The power of seaweeds, Co- applicant.

2019, “PSG-WUR Strategic Fund”. From the bottom to the top: Predict and Unravel the stability of synthetic microbial communities that can alleviate plant growth and yield upon abiotic stresses. Co-applicant.

Also involved as a supervisor and co-promoter in the NWO-TTW-H.I.P. project, “Getting to the roots of stress resilience of potato plants” and

NWO Gravitation Programme, MiCrop project: “Harnessing the second genome of plants. Microbial imprinting for crop resilience.” with Prof. Christa Testerink, Link to the website