Before my work as a technician in the Plant Physiology research group I started my professional career in Breda, where I completed a BSc study applied laboratory research with a specialization in biotechnology. My final thesis for this BSc study in a breeding company sparked my interest for plant development and breeding. So after this, I moved to Wageningen and started the MSc study plant biotechnology with a specialization in molecular biology and plant genomics. During my MSc I focused on plant development and plant cell biology, and I completed two theses on arbuscular mycorrhizae and lateral root development. In the first thesis project I worked with dr. ir. Erik Limpens and prof. dr. Ton Bisseling at the laboratory of Molecular Biology at Wageningen University, studying effectors mediating interaction and infiltration of plant roots with arbuscular mycorrhizae. During the second thesis I worked with dr. Barbara Möller and prof. dr. Tom Beeckman at the VIB in Gent, studying the role of the zinc finger transcription factor GATA23 in lateral root formation.  After completing my MSc, I started a PhD project with prof. dr. Dolf Weijers at the laboratory of Biochemistry at Wageningen University studying the molecular and cell-biological mechanisms controlling plant cell division orientation in Arabidopsis thaliana. This PhD project further helped me to develop my knowledge of molecular biology, cell biology, and microscopic visualisation of plant material. I hope to stay connected to exciting research focusing on plant developmental biology and physiology through my position as a technician in the Plant Physiology research group, using my expertise in molecular biology, microscopy, and cell biology to help the lab move forward.