Interested in joining our lab? The following student and internship projects are available!

MSc project: Shoot for the stars with CRISPR
MSc project: Mapping the Gene Regulatory network for root branching during salt stress (Bioinformatics)
MSc project: Salt signalling – at the root of salt stress
BSc project: Identification of genes involved in multi-stress response in A. thaliana HapMap population using GWAS
BSc/MSc project: Unraveling the sodium sensing mechanism in plants
MSc/Internship Project: Characterization of transcription factors involved in root developmental salinity response
MSc/Internship project: Prediction and validation of protein dimerization
MSc Project: Tracking transcription factor function
MSc project: Investigating salt-induced pathways controlling root branching

For more options contact Jasper Lamers ( or Christa Testerink (