Reaping the fruits of our lockdown writing

Since March 2020, keeping up the lab work has been tough, and especially at the beginning of the Covid lockdown, many lab members redirected part of their efforts to literature review. Now, looking back at 2021, we can see the results published in a nice collection of Open Access reviews addressing several topics related to salt and water stress responses of plants.

*Figure from Zou et al. in PCE on root dynamic growth strategies in response to salinity*

Have a look at Zou et al. in PCE for dynamics of root responses to salinity, Karlova et al in Plant Phys for an overview of root architectural responses to a range of abiotic stresses, Gigli-Bisceglia and Testerink in COPB for striking similarities in responses of plants to salt and pathogens and Li et al in TIPS for our view on how plant roots and shoots keep the communication going in stressful times.

Earlier -in 2020-Lamers et al in Plant Phys reviewed how plants sense abiotic stress. And finally, for a comprehensive review on salt tolerance mechanisms of plants see van Zelm et al in Annual Reviews. This means that all the PhD students and post-docs in the team (well except the newies) have contributed to a review paper in the last two years. Cool achievement! We certainly learned a lot by writing these, hope they are useful for you. And stay tuned for our experimental research papers coming up in 2022. Have a nice read!

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