A familiar face with a new position

From the first of April, our own Rumyana Karlova started her new position as an assistant professor in the Plant Physiology group of WUR. Her research group will be focussing on understanding and enhancing stress resilience in crop plants. She will be working on a NWO ERA-NET SusCrop grant focussing on “Resilience to salinity in tomato”. Together with Jeroen Busscher (technician) she will investigate the use of bio stimulants on plant stress resilience in the project “The power of seaweeds funded by the WUR- Protein Transition Community. She is co-applicant to a project funded by the PSG-WUR Strategic Fund called “From the bottom to the top: Predict and Unravel the stability of synthetic microbial communities that can alleviate plant growth and yield upon abiotic stresses. She is co-supervisor of Damien Boer (PhD student) on the project “Getting to the roots of stress resilience of potato plants” (NWO-TTW-H.I.P.) and will be co-supervisor of the PhD students to be appointed on the MiCrop project: “Harnessing the second genome of plants. Microbial imprinting for crop resilience.” (NWO Gravitation Programme).

We wish Rumyana all the best in her new position!

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